Billy Bob

As far back as I can remember my father has, when his job allowed time, always created family bonds and memories by taking us fishing in an old tri-hull walk-through windshield multipurpose boat. Sometimes sometimes it would be the whole package; fishing, boating and camping.

My mom, dad, brother, sister and myself would load up the wood paneled station wagon, every inch of it packs to maximum capacity with the bare necessities needed for strictly fishing, boating and camping. For my dad, it was a way to bond with the family while he was in port, as he was a Navy man, any way to also get some good rest and relaxation. Both of which he got very little.

Looking back on the fishing lessons he taught me, I can see where the bear necessary skills I learned back then are still the bear necessary skills used today in the outdoors. In fishing he’d say, “cover the hook so the bait doesn’t get pulled off so easy and let the fish take the bait before setting the hook; met the fish from underneath and not from head-on or you could knock the lookout of the fishes mouth”. I learned that the hard way and I also learned never to throw trash in the water and I learned that the hard way also.

These lessons andHow much does it cost for camping gear memories as well as the skills I learned were passed to me and I have passed them down to yet another generation is I am now the father with children of my own. Fortunately I have four girls and a son. They all love the outdoors and will never pass up the opportunity to go camping. Of course of my girls fishing was enjoyed but swimming and playing was their main objective.

They are all grown now in starting their own families I hope to pass on the same love for the outdoors as we have. There is really no better feeling than providing for your family by catching or hunting your own food. To have the stewardship of taking fis or game from out of their own habitat we are the intruders is a gift and yet must be done responsibly and with due regard for real and slot limits for fish and in line for game with regulation set aside to ensure that future generations will have the same opportunities as all those before us.

Hunting, fishing and camping can be as expensive as you wanted to be or to be a simple as a worm and a cane pole or a box of pellets and air rifle. The point is that you will get out of each when you put into each. And as I have learned in the past 20 years, not all lessons have to be learned hands-on. I became a better fisherman and Hunter when I started paying attention to the success of others and with that took the time to inquire how they were overcoming nature’s obstacles.

That is why I have taken the time to sit down and put my extensive knowledge of hunting, fishing and camping that I have learned from hands-on, research and trial and error into this site for the purpose of helping others that may be as I was which was just too stubborn to ask. Pride in being a good sportsman is a hard-won battle.

I remember clearly one day when I was fishing for striker in the Saluta River when a young man stopped by to see if we had any success. To my disappointment I had to tell him no. He looked at us strangely and asked why were fishing on the bottom for stripers I told him because the water was too swift for top fishing. The nerve of this guy; doubting my fishing ability.

Well, this… Gentlemen… Left for a few minutes and came back with a short 6 foot longWhat does it cost to set up for fly fishing fishing rod, we were using a foot rods, and had a lore and this thing called a water cork on his line. A water cork is an egg shaped Plexiglas device with water filled inside. The weight of the water acts as a lead like wait for casting but when it lands in the water it becomes weightless all except a small air bubble inside the water cork. This small air bubble keeps the water cork from sinking.

He immediately hooked up on a 24 inch striper. We had been there hours with only a few bites. Every cast for him resulted in a fish. Within 10 minutes he had 10 fish; I was furious and embarrassed but I saw that the added weight used at the end of his line allowed in the cast further for the fish as well as to fish on the top of the water with the stripers were.

It was right then that I learned I had a lot to learn. Since that day many moons ago, anytime I have the chance, I like to ask the locals and the seasoned old-timers just what the action is and how they are going about with their fishing that day.

Even though the old trustworthy tricks are dad taught us may still be relevant today, there are also a lot of new methods and products on today’s market that will make you a better outdoorsman. But you need to take the time to learn other ways to fish and hunt. You’re not discarding the old, just fine-tuning your new methods.

This plays true especially in the world of hunting and the ever increased pressure of wild game. We may not see game but they see us every time we enter their world and a lot of times our worlds overlap one another and it’s these critters that are the most elusive and dangerous.

This website, about all things outdoors, will provide new products and methods for you the visitor to read and examine an attractive enough, for you to try yourself. Becoming a better fisherman or Hunter, and all-around better outdoorsman, will maximize the cost efficiency of today’s profit driven industries that manufacture countless products in a rather relentless pursuit of having their name on top in our cash in their wallets.

Saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, big and small game, no matter if it swims, runs, flies or is used to pursue said animals, I will be covering it. Camping is another facet of the way we enjoy the great outdoors. Camping while hunting or fishing takes my soul back to a time when man’s survival depended on what was caught or killed in order to survive.

The bright lights and busy streets are replaced with dark trees and solitude surrounded only by the sound of crickets and katydids. Early morning coffee made over an open fire lead up to scrambled eggs and bacon filling the air as the kids woke up to tackling another day of fun.

Reading, learning and understanding these tips and methods is the beginning of building confidence and commas in your ability and equipping your using is a foundation for being a good outdoorsman.

Catching more fish, Killing moreWhat are the expenses to get into hunting game and providing for yourself by taking from the land is at the core of human existence. Survival is a natural instinct that a lot have long since lost. It is those who choose to honor the long-standing traditions of passing down those skills to the next generation that will be remembered the most.

By reading about what makes animals behave the way they do you can figure out where that 12 point buck may be betting or why the fish bite better during certain times of the month. What makes one more better than the next? Which fishing line is best for your purpose? Study, trial and error, and just plain listening to others helps answer those questions.

By knowing answers to questions you can make a more informed decision on where to hunt or how to fish. All these answers come to me over time by asking those who I saw were being successful.

And as my father taught me it’s only right to pass this on to others.

Billy Bob